Kanaine's Maker

Thank you so much for dropping by, please let me introduce myself!

I'm Sydelle, my given Indian name is Ipnaamawax, and I am the maker here at Kanaine. I come from the people of the Cayuse, Walla Walla, and Yakama Nations of Oregon and Washington and am Korean on my father's side. I am a full-time mom of 3 lovely girls and PhD *candidate in Public Health at Oregon State University. I have an MPH in Public Health as well as two B.S. degrees in Public Health and Biocultural Anthropology. I have worked for a small corporate contractor to the Department of Energy at Hanford Nuclear Reservation where I started my family and learned that I had a passion for bridging our Tribal communities with authentic representation and honest meaningful consultation.

When I'm not up late making fine goods and apparel, I am working on my dissertation to better understand the toll of violence and violent deaths in our Native communities. I also work with the OSU Superfund Research Program in the Community Engagement Core where I get to design and manage research projects with our Tribal partners. It is an important role and I am proud that I get to better the research translation between scientists and the communities at the frontline.

I strive to create designs that cross the line between the rugged western influences I grew up with in rural eastern Oregon and the street styles I am drawn to in my personal wardrobe. I have always had an eye for fashion and a confidence in my own style journey. Each piece offered through Kanaine is sourced, cut, crafted, packaged and shipped by me in my home studio here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. I make things I wear and you will see that in many of my product photos (maker, mom, model, photographer, the list goes on - small business owners am i right!!?).

I love creating, collaborating, and every part of making handcrafted goodness. I grew up in a home on the reservation running a family construction business. I learned so much about managing relations, keeping books, planning ahead for material, and just plain constructing a whole house from the ground up from the time I was three. When it came time to explore building smaller fashion items, I had the tools and only needed to execute. I was blown away with the interest in my pieces and still am to this day.

This business has given me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people, experience new and exciting places, and mainly, it has allowed me the flexibility to schedule around my girls while also being able to provide a (mostly) stable space while pursuing my doctoral studies. I am honored to share this vision of what can be accomplished with hard work and persistence with my girls, just like my mom and dad showed me.

Thank you for being a part of this journey, and drop a line anytime if you have further questions or ideas you think Kanaine would be interested in. 


Sydelle Harrison